Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol and babies? Are you sure about this?

Bring Your Babies pub quizzes are held in pubs, no surprises there! And yes, pubs serve alcohol. Our position is this; we're all adults (babies excluded); so if you'd like a glass of something gutsy whilst playing our games - go for it. Believe us, we understand! No judgment here. However, please drink responsibly. 

All venues also serve soft and hot beverages should a peppermint tea be more your tipple. 

Please don't drink and drive. 

How can I watch my baby and play a quiz?

We believe that when one becomes a parent, one is bestowed with magical, multitasking powers and all seeing eyes.

So, you can totally do this; but to help, we run our quizzes with a slow steady pace, we repeat questions and project them onto a screen (for those times when baby is screaming in your ear). 

There are lots of highchairs available. 

Please feel free to bring your baby's favourite toys. 

You are responsible for your child's safety and security at all times. 

What if my baby cries?

This is inevitable and not a problem at all! We've all been there and totally understand. You're welcome to soothe baby however you like; get up, rock them, walk about, breast feed, change nappies, sing "baby shark", down a vodka, anything goes. 

What sort of facilities are there?

All our partner venues are baby friendly. They will happily heat up a bottle for you, the baby changes are spotless and there is plenty of room for push chairs, car seats etc. 

All venues are fully accessible and you're welcome to bring snacks for your little one. 

Can I bring my "baby-free" friends?

Damn right you can! In fact, we fully advise it. One, you'll have more fun if you bring your mates but two, baby-free friends and family members are perfect for nappy changing duties allowing you a bit of a break!

So, this is just for mums right?

Wrong! Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts & Uncles, Friends (with of without babies), Child Minders, Neighbours, your Dentist anyone is welcome. Whoever you want on your team can come along. It's best practice to bring at least one baby though.

£7.50 for a pub quiz?

Ahh, yes... I know some quizzes are cheaper but please allow me to explain.

This isn't your ordinary quiz and this isn't your ordinary baby group either. Please think of our fun afternoons together as a once a month treat; a chance to feel like you again, get dressed up, bring your friends, order a taxi! 

In relative terms a ticket costs about the same as a cappuccino and a muffin (but has less calories), a yoga class (but you won't be sore afterwards) or a return train to Cardiff (but doesn't require you to stand in the rain).

Also, I stand by the value for money in terms of the quality of Bring Your Baby events. I work really hard to create bespoke quizzes that are entertaining, enjoyable and well presented. Every event is different - seriously, the prep takes hours. Oh and there are sweets and prizes too. I do not receive any sponsorship or payment from the venues I work with. Ticket sales are the only way Bring Your Babies is able to operate. 

I am understanding though. Please, if you're genuinely not able to stretch to the price of a ticket but want to come along email me directly; we'll figure something out for sure!  

Finally, I have carefully considered my price point to allow me to make enough money (after costs) from ticketed events to be able to run free community events. I think it is really important that everyone is able to access baby friendly social opportunities. Parenthood can be lonesome, isolating and challenging. When we come together we can make life better.