Bring Your Babies to...

Cute Baby


Who doesn't love a bit of trivia? Whether you are flying solo (with a little one) or an integral member of "Quizzee Rascal" (5 time winners of World's Best Quizzers) you will love this afternoon of questioning fun.

This is an event for grown ups, to which babies are welcome. We run the quiz slowly, repeat questions as often as needed and pop them up on a screen too. We take plenty of breaks allowing you to bottle, boob or sugar feed your babies. You can let them sleep, bounce them about, walk around and around and around endlessly, wipe snot, clean poo, sing Old MacDonald - anything goes! 

When it comes to winning, lets face it; getting out of the house and into the pub is a MASSIVE win; so we are all winners here. We don't take things too seriously, but there will be a surprise prize for the team who gets the most points and spot prizes to be had. 

You'll find a bag of sweeties on your table to power you through and food will be available to order before, during and after the quiz. There are Vegan, GF, Veggie options. Hot, cold and hard beverages are available and it is perfectly acceptable to get stuck into a G&T at 13:00 on a Tuesday afternoon if you ask us; so go for it!

There will be plenty of baby changing facilities and high chairs for use. We recommend bringing a sling if you use these as they can be very helpful. If you need to bring a buggy we can park these safely for you. Venues are fully accessible. 

If you want to book tickets as a team, that's great! However, if you want to join a team and meet some new friends that's great too - just book tickets accordingly. The maximum team size is 6. Babies don't count as team members; even if yours is the next Einstein. Also, you don't have to bring a baby; mums, dads, friends of mum &/or dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, dogs are all welcome to come along too. NB: Dogs don't need tickets (even clever ones). 

Tickets are £7.50 per adult. 

If you have any questions please get in touch. 

Please note ticket sales are non-refundable however you're welcome to pass them on to others, mothers, brothers, your lovers etc. 

So grab your favourite tipple, be it a glass of wine, cup of tea or bottle of milk and answer this...

"True or False, being a parent means you can't have fun any more."

Moms and Babies


Eyes down (and left and right and everywhere else) for a full house! You'll be amazed at your multitasking skills. Our bingo is slow paced, all numbers are called a few times with funny, interactive songs, calls and actions associated to each one. There are also exciting flash prizes and jackpots to be won so dabbers and diapers at the ready.

Mom with Baby


COMING SOON. Ever noticed that you've lived here for years but don't really know much about what's right on your door step. We run fascinating guided tours around Newport and Cardiff. All routes are suitable for pushchairs, include a cosy coffee stop and start and finish in handy parking spots. See our "What's on" section for upcoming dates and tour themes.

Coming soon
Hiking With Child


As the days get warmer we will be introducing Bring Your Babies organised hikes. Come along and meet some other super mums, all you need is a bit of energy, a sling and a pocket full of snacks. We have a prepared route with lots of stopping points, benches for changing nappies and lots of nature to point out to your little one.

Coming soon

Want to know more or have some questions - please get in touch