Hi I'm Sarah and this is Lonnie

Lonnie has enriched my life, given me strength beyond expectation, expanded my heart, deepened my compassion, shown me the meaning of life its very self... and taught me that I still want a glass of wine and a giggle with my mates.



My Story

I started Bring Your Babies for a few reasons.

Firstly, I needed to make some mummy friends, I'd just moved to South Wales and regular baby groups just weren't working for me.

Secondly, I'd just become a single parent and really needed something to focus on (as well as my little girl of course).

Thirdly, I really didn't want to go back to work!

Lastly, I'm fully aware of how tough early parenting can sometimes be. There are loads of baby groups out there and they are great and they rightly focus on the baby but I wanted to do something different, something for the parent. Something that puts you back in touch with you and amazingly a few hours down the pub, a little bit of stimulation for the grey matter and a natter with others in the same boat seems to do the trick. All whilst your little one snuggles in your arms or creates merry hell around you (both perfectly acceptable). 

Love Sarah x

Kids Playing with Lego